Corillian Voyager

Dear Corillian,

My bank recently "upgraded" to your software (Corillian Voyager) and I find it severely lacking compared to their old software.

Your software:

Has arbitrary limits on the length of some strings

Has arbitrary limits on the contents of some strings -- A bill-pay account number can only contain numbers. One of the accounts I pay has other characters in it.

Can't pay bills by wire transfer (routing and account numbers) -- I used that feature often with their old software.

Displays account balances on every dialog it possibly can -- You mask the account number but you try extra-hard to make sure a shoulder surfer can see how much money I have (or don't have).

Dropped my account history rather than carry it forward -- The last software had history back to 1980-something when I first opened the account. That was after a couple of upgrades.

I'm sure that as I continue using your software I'll find many other things it lacks compared with their old software. I just wanted you to know that I hate you (you corporately, not you personally) for selling your crappy software to my bank. I may even switch to a different bank over this.

Sincerely, Andrew Jorgensen

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