Dick Cheney

The VP of the United States spoke at BYU's Commencement today. I have no clear opinions about the man himself (he seems nice enough), but the extra hassle it caused was pretty obnoxious.

Security at the Marriott Center was ridiculous -- almost as bad as the airport. I'm told they closed the freeway for him. And we sat waiting for hours to allow the guards the time they needed to screen everyone.

The University did provide a variety of entertainment and snacks. Vocal Point is fun. I totally don't get dance though.

I should mention why I was there: Rebecca completed her Master of Music degree! I would say that she "walked" today but they canceled the processional for Mr Cheney's safety. Of which, have I mentioned my theory? I think the incident where Dick shot his friend the senator is a cover-up for an assassination attempt. This would explain his current paranoia. The man even has his house blurred out in Google Maps.

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