Andrew Jorgensen
It's better than bad, it's good!

I-Dunno! Diner

My brother Eric told me about the I-Dunno! Diner a while ago but I honestly don't recall what he said about it. Located about 500 S Main St in Spanish Fork we'd driven past it several times without seeing it. Rebecca and I rather liked it.

Rebecca had an omelet and hash-browns and I had a Ute Taco, which is basically a Navajo Taco -- fried bread with chili and taco stuff on it. Both meals were delicious and generous and prices were fair. Most of the menu items don't have names, just descriptions and a number.

I couldn't shake the feeling that I was treading on someone else's turf. Not that anyone made us feel unwelcome at all but this little diner was clearly a local establishment with regular customers, practically family.

They have a slick modern-looking logo which I neglected to take a photo of. You'll need to watch carefully to see their sign as it's partly hidden behind a tree or two.

Breakfast is served all day. I've always wondered why so many places don't do that.