I recently got a new phone... and then another because that one sucked... and then I gave up and went back to my old phone. Don't worry, for some reason it didn't cost me anything and I didn't even have to send them back.

Motorola L6The first new phone was a Motorola L6. The design is solid and appealing but I was disappointed to find that the software was almost exactly what it was years ago. The menus were frustrating to navigate and it was clear that bluetooth support was hacked in as an afterthought. It also has a small screen that loves to get smudged. Probably if Motorola was all I had ever known I wouldn't mind the various faults. Oh, and Motorola has the best-sounding MIDI on the market. Didn't they make the MIDI that's in the Super Nintendo?

Nokia 6126Next I ordered the Nokia 6126 because Wade said he really liked his Nokia 6102. Aside from the large screen there's nothing apealling about this phone. The body has a remarkably cheap feel to it. The software is probably the worst I've ever used. It looks like it was developed around the same time as Windows 3.1. The fonts are particularly awful making it feel like you're using an old PC rather than a phone. The camera is higher resolution (1.3MP) but the quality looks exactly the same as VGA cameras I've used. It also wouldn't send audio to my (admittedly cheap) bluetooth headset.

Sony Ericsson Z520aSo in the end I went back to my Sony Ericsson Z520a. This phone looks good, feels solid, and has excellent software. The menus and icons look good and work intuitively. The bluetooth interface exposes every service they could offer including HID (keyboard and mouse), IrMC, SyncML, GSM, and OBEX (both push and ftp). It also has Infrared, which though I don't need it I appreciate. After using the Motorola and the Nokia I no longer have any complaint about Sony.

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