We finally got our grass in today with the help of many family, friends, and neighbors. 3000 square feet (about 278m²) of Kentucky Bluegrass. We have read and been told that the best time to put in sod is the late fall because the grass is already going dormant and the weeds aren't trying to propagate.

John and Noah in Grass

Some of our neighbors have put in seed instead of sod. A good number of them gave up on the seed later and put in sod anyway. The rest (with a few miraculous exceptions) mow their weeds every week wishing they had used sod. You get what you pay for. You have been warned.

An interesting side note: If you search for "how to grow weed in a crawl space" on Google Images one of the first results is this one from late in the house construction.

Also, you may notice me putting in metric conversions where appropriate. This is because I suddenly have a lot of friends who use a measurement system that makes sense. Maybe one day our backwards country will stop pretending to be so important. We are to the point now where imperial units are really just used for labels and marketing. The US suffers from a bad case of NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome. Don't get me started on ATSC (or NTSC for that matter!).

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