Bluetooth in openSUSE 10.3

There's some great new bluetooth stuff available now for Linux but it didn't quite make it into openSUSE 10.3. Most important to me is the ability to add a bluetooth mouse from a GUI and have it work every time you turn it on. GUI for using bluetooth audio devices is coming soon.


To get this stuff into openSUSE you'll want to:

Add the GNOME:Community repository and install / upgrade bluez-gnome and bluez-utils.

Enable bluetooth using the YaST Bluetooth tool or by setting START_SERVICES="yes" and running SuSEconfig.

Have a look at /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf and make sure it doesn't have much more than this:

options { security user; }

Some of the other stuff that gets put in there by default can get in your way. It's safe to just delete the other stuff. In fact it's probably safe to remove this section as well.

Then log out and back in again or reboot or start the bluetooth services and run bluetooth-preferences.

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