Hack Week Two

Hack Week Two Novell's second ever Hack Week February 11 - 15

I didn't get to participate in last year's Hack Week because I was working in another part of the company at the time. This year I may get interrupted occasionally to help get Mono 1.9 out the door on time. In any case I may try to hack up an XRandR 1.2 preference management service for GNOME. I'd like my laptop to automagically switch to my desktop monitor when it's plugged in, and ask me what I'd like to do if it doesn't already know.

Update: Simon Holm Thøgersen wrote me to point out that Søren Sandmann is already well into this effort.

I had another idea for a virtual bluetooth keyboard (so that I could type at my N800 from my desktop) but that's not as interesting now that I've got an N810. Maybe I'll work on specs for a geo-location extension to XMPP instead? Aw nuts, that's already in progress too!

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