The Big Three-O

Today I am 30 years old. I remember when Rebecca turned 30 last year I was pretty excited to be married to an older woman. We get to be the same age for two months out of the year.


Rebecca went crazy with office decorations with the help of Wade, my co-worker and friend, and Devon, a security guard. It was pretty embarrassing. :-)

Traditionally in my parent's family we'd have a dinner on Sunday to celebrate a birthday but that tradition is giving way to a Saturday brunch that can stretch on into the night. I look forward to these events. Unfortunately I'm allergic to Amanda's dog. I can usually go several hours at Jorgensen Manor before it gets to me.

In our own family we have a tradition of inviting my friends over for cake on the evening of my birthday. This year I had essentially called it off because I was too allergic to want to go pick up a cake (we had a coupon for Costco's huge chocolate cake that expired Saturday) but apparently Rebecca had other plans. Wade showed up and said he was just in the area and thought he'd stop by. I believed him because I trust my friends. Then the Browns showed up, then Jim, then the Jobes'. I was delighted!

Cameron didn't show up because he doesn't check his messages. He even says so but really he could be more clear. We'll make it up to him.

Thank you all for your thoughts, wishes, and presence.

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