Fonera 2.0 Ideas

The Fonera 2.0 will be released real soon now. The major differences are expected to be a USB port and the ability to add custom features to the router. Martin has his own ideas about what to do with it. Here are my ideas, some obvious, some useful, some original, and some kinda dumb.

  • Various Peripherals

    • Connect to your cable or DSL modem via USB (some don't have ethernet)

    • Print server

    • Barcode reader to register guest logins at a café, etc.

    • Scanner (scan to email or similar)

    • GPS for actual location of Fonera or as a time server

  • Bluetooth

    • Share over BNEP / PAN

    • Connect to Internet via cell phone

  • External Drives

    • DMAP or UPnP media server

    • NAS (CIFS or even AoE)

    • Web server

  • Sound Card

    • Audio endpoint, UPnP or some other streaming protocol

    • Internet radio

    • Baby monitor (microphone)

    • VoIP client (with USB handset or USB FXO)

    • Traffic geiger counter (one tick per packet)

  • Webcam

    • Network camera (security, lazy coworkers, etc.)

Comments !