Andrew Jorgensen
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gnome-keyring-sharp 1.0.0

Of necessity I have decided to release gnome-keyring-sharp-1.0.0.  The release is nothing more than r87622 from SVN.

Debian has been using r87622 as 1.0.0 for some time now and there have been no commits since October of 2007.  openSUSE has been using a much older version (how old, I don't know) but GNOME Do 0.6 will depend on gnome-keyring-sharp 1.0.

I don't have any kind of change log to post since as far as I can tell there has never been a formal release.

gnome-keyring-sharp is a fully managed implementation of libgnome-keyring.

When the gnome-keyring-daemon is running, you can use this to retrieve/store confidential information such as passwords, notes or network services user information.

Sources are at

My apologies to authors Alp Toker and Gonzalo Paniagua if I'm stepping on their toes. I did try to contact Alp last week to get him to sign off on this.