Andrew Jorgensen
It's better than bad, it's good!

Hack Week Three

It's been another exciting and worth while Hack Week.  Sadly I had a number of high priority Mono updates to push to SuSE so I probably spent only about half of Monday through Wednesday hacking.  Thursday through Saturday were spent at the Utah Open Source Conference (more on that soon).  The real highlight for me was spending the week with Aaron Bockover, Hubert Figuiere, Sandy Armstrong, Gabriel Burt, Brad Taylor, Mario Carrion, Brian Merrell, and Jared Allen.  Technically I'm not on their team(s) but they kindly let me bum rides off them and eat their snacks.  Good times.

I'm really looking forward to new features for Banshee like the Muine-like interface and the new track editor.  Good stuff happens at Novell.  Seriously.


Bandit Card

My hack week project was to package DigitalMe and get it ready for distribution.  DigitalMe is Novell's Open Source, Open Standards, InfoCard (CardSpace) Selector, part of the Bandit Project.  I am not the best person to ask but I think I can summarize it as like OpenID but you can also generate your own credentials.  The project needed some help or it would not get into openSUSE 11.1 or SLE 11 so I volunteered my time.  We're almost there, but not quite.  I will post a link to the package repository when it's done and with some luck we'll get it submitted to SuSE before feature freeze.