Mono 2.0 LiveCD... Now with Mono!

Okay, it's not quite that bad but that's how I feel. It's been a long and dusty road fixing the major bugs in the Mono 2.0 VMware Appliance and LiveCD.

Fixed in 2.0-1: mono-debugger was missing. This is a big deal because this is the first release where the debugger is released at the same time as, and with guaranteed_*_ compatibility with, the mono release.

* no guarantees, implied or otherwise, unless you have some other agreement with Novell :)

Fixed in 2.0-2: No sound support. This took a while to fix. Why is hal-resmgr not required by any package or pattern?

Fixed in 2.0-3: Absolutely no scalable (truetype) fonts installed. You wouldn't have noticed probably but it breaks Moonlight which, though not included (until the 1.0 release probably), we definitely want to work properly.

Those of you who had problems with should find that it's working much better now. Please use the torrents.

Since I'm not at all confident that nothing else will go wrong I'm not going to link directly to anything this time. Find the LiveCD or VMware Appliance at the Mono download page. Bonus points to whoever finds the next bug serious enough that I have to fix it and re-release... again.

Coming soon for Mono 2.2...

Mono on SUSE Studio

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