Ceiling Fan

Cameron came down to help me install our new ceiling fan. We got derailed in a big way but in the end we got it up and reasonably well balanced. I am very happy with the result.

ceiling fan

Update: On a hunch I just discovered that the fan blade that the balancing weight eventually went on was the one exactly opposite the Hunter logo. Yay!


One of the lame things about buying a ceiling fan is the Energy Star label. Fans are rated for their efficiency in cubic feet per minute per watt. The range goes from 60 or so to around 185. You'd think that the EPA would grant the Energy Star label to fans that have a higher airflow efficiency but instead it's granted only to fans that use compact-fluorescent lighting. Way to go EPA!

This reminds me of when Australia outlawed incandescent bulbs. Regulations ought to make sense. Instead of "no incandescents" the regulations should state "must produce at least n lumens per watt". Then if someone comes up with an incandescent bulb that's more efficient than CFLs we won't have to go to congress to get permission to buy one.

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