Configuring Tunnelbroker on DNS-O-Matic

Hurricane Electric's Tunnelbroker provides free 6in4 IPv6 tunnels. DNS-O-Matic provides a single Dyn-compatible interface to update all of your dynamic DNS resources. I use DNS-O-Matic because I want to update DynDNS, OpenDNS, and Tunnelbroker, all at the same time. I had a hard time finding the correct configuration for Tunnelbroker on DNS-O-Matic. There's conflicting information because Tunnelbroker also provides a non-Dyn-compatible interface that uses different data. Their Dyn-compatible endpoint is at

User ID: Your Tunnelbroker Username (Account Name), the one you use to log in, not your long hashy User ID as suggested elsewhere.
Password: The Update Key from your tunnel's information page, or your Tunnelbroker Password (the one you use to log in), if you don't have an Update Key.
Host/Identifier: The DNS fully-qualified name of your tunnel, not the numeric Tunnel ID. This is of the form <user>-<index>.tunnel.<tunnel-server>.<datacenter>

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