Andrew Jorgensen
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Easy Poutine

I love poutine, so I came up with a recipe to make it easy.


Buy some fries at Five Guys. Large regular fries. Making your own fries is hard, so don't. If you can get someone to fetch them while you make the gravy it's best if they're fresh.

Cheese Curds

I like Ellsworth Natural Cheese Curds. I buy them from Amazon Fresh, but cheese is regional. Fresh natural curds are best, no colors or flavors.

Leave them out on the counter while you make the gravy so they aren't cold. I've seen poutineries keep them in tepid water, but of course you should drain them first if you do that. Wet cheese would mean wet fries.


I make my gravy with Orrington Farms Beef Base that I also buy from Amazon. Many beef bases and bouillons use soy protein, which I'm allergic to, but this one is good. No need for other seasonings.

4 Tbsp Corn starch
2 Tbsp Beef base
2 cups cold Water
1 Tbsp Cream

Whisk together corn starch, beef base, and cold water in a sauce pan. Bring just to a boil over medium heat, whisking constantly. Add cream and continue to whisk while gravy comes back to near boil. Remove from heat.

Corn starch needs to be mixed while cold to avoid clumping, and thickens around boiling temperature.


If you've never had poutine I guess this deserves some explanation. Combine fries and cheese curds, maybe two parts fries and one part cheese? To taste really. Pour some hot gravy over the fries (don't drown them) and enjoy, probably with a fork.