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  1. SNS to Webhook Lambda Function

    I got an email from AWS telling me, in essence, that I'd been assigned a toll-free number as a unique Origination ID for the SMS messages some of my Lambda functions send me through Amazon SNS, and that in 12 months they'd start billing me $2/month for that number …

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  2. Static Sites on CloudFront

    If it's a static site, and not especially popular, why use CloudFront?


    S3 buckets support TLS, but not with your domain name. If you want your own domain and TLS you need to put CloudFront, um, in front. Why bother with TLS for a static site? To get rid …

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  3. False Steps with OpenPGP on YubiKey

    I recently started using a GPG key on my YubiKey 5 NFC as my SSH key for personal stuff. I generated the key on a PC so that I'd be able to restore it to another key some day, but I regularly use my older YubiKey NEO as well and …

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  4. Recovering Data from a Damaged Drive

    I recently recovered data from a damaged external hard drive for a friend. I've done it before, but learned a few new things this time and wanted to share. These notes are applicable to physically damaged drives (bad sectors) rather than logical corruption. I presume some level of competency because …

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