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  1. What's It Worth??

    My 6th grader had some homework that assigned values from -13 to 12 to letters and asked the student to sum the values of letters in some words. It also asked some questions I thought were too hard.

    • Find a word that has a value of 18. (show calculations)
    • Find …
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  2. Pete vs. Phil?

    No one is quite sure of the origins of Phil's name... but there are stories
    that he was indeed originally called "Punxsutawney Pete" when the first
    observations of Groundhog Day were held in the 1800s. One popular story is
    that a newspaper reporter kept erroneously calling him "Phil," and that …
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  3. Driving in the Snow

    I don't like to drive in the snow. Here's why:

    Winter of early 2011, snow started coming down lightly in the evening. Much later in the evening, now snowing hard, I finally started to make my way home from my friend's house. As I entered the freeway I flipped around …

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